August 2016 Quick Reviews

Apologies for the lack of posts on the blog. We had to move unexpectedly, when our landlord decided to sell the place. The stress from the move caused the worst flare up I have had so far, and we are still settling into the new place. At this stage I am massively behind on my book reviews though! I will have to try and catch up before the end of the year.


szen zoneSzen Zone: Reaching a State of Positive Change by Gary Szenderski*: An excellent and thought-provoking collection of essays and stories. I enjoyed this one in bite-sized portions, taking time to mull over each little gem. These positive stories are focused on change, on what is possible, when we open our mind to possibly doing or seeing things a little differently.

Bad_PharmaBad Pharma: How Drug Companies Mislead Doctors and Harm Patients by Ben Goldacre: Probably the most important book I’ve read this year. While I’ve been sceptical of Big Pharma for a long time, I was shocked and horrified to know just how bad things are. There are massive issues around funding, loopholes for approvals, and not publishing unfavourable results skewing the safety and efficiency perceptions of drugs. Bad Pharma isn’t anti science – rather the opposite – Ben Goldacre is a doctor and science journalist, and advocates for sticking to the scientific method, full disclosure and advocating for the interest of the patients – not the drug companies. I can’t recommend this enough.

simple mattersSimple Matters: Living with Less and Ending Up with More by Erin Boyle*: A fairly basic introduction to minimalism and simple living. Unfortunately the ARC I received didn’t have any pictures, which is what Erin Boyle is famous for on her blog Reading My Tea Leaves, and I think, I would’ve rated it higher with the pictures. Simple Matters is written in the memoir-style with lots of advice and ideas sprinkled in.

home cookedHome Cooked: Essential Recipes for a New Way to Cook by Anya Fernald*: I really enjoyed diving into Fernald’s experiences with Italian cooking, and how it affects her cooking today. With a wonderful focus on local food, and traditional cooking and preparation styles to let the flavour of great quality food shine through. My favourite thing about Home Cooked is the way it empowers you by teaching fundamentals and how to expand on them. Highly recommended.

Fitted Knits: 25 Projects for the Fashionable Knitter by Stefanie Japel: I loved the technical expertise and the author’s approach to knitting. Many of the designs were a bit dated and featured very chunky knits, which I personally don’t find that appealing. With that being said there were several gorgeous pieces – especially towards the end.


What have you been reading lately? Check out Modern Mrs Darcy for more quick book reviews.
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*Received an advanced reader’s copy through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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