Link Love (2016-10-01)


Musicked Down the Mountain: How Oliver Sacks Saved His Own Life by Literature and Song – Brain Pickings

“For example, if a single cartridge is ingested by a 50-pound dog, clinical signs of poisoning are likely to occur. But if a dog that weighs 10 pounds ingests the same amount, death is possible. Dogs of any weight that ingest multiple e-cigarette cartridges are at risk for severe poisoning and even death. In addition to the toxicity of nicotine, the actual e-cigarette casing can result in oral injury when chewed, and can cause gastrointestinal upset with the risk of a foreign body obstruction. In other words, this stuff is really dangerous.” What You Need to Know About E-Cigarettes and Your Pets – Positively

The Upgrade and Save Strategy – Wallet Hacks

“When Trump first announced he was running for president, I found it weird and awful in a “fuck this shit” kind of way but also vaguely amusing in a sad, bad reality-TV show kind of way.Another idiot on the screen. I didn’t take it seriously though.
How could I?
You see, I thought outright racism, xenophobia, and misogyny disqualified someone from presidency. I thought over-simplified, ignorant (if not downright moronic) proposals such as “let’s send all the illegals home” disqualified somebody from a position, say, as PRESIDENT OF OUR FUCKING NATION.
I thought emptiness behind the eyes and acting like an overall buffoon would repel people on a superficial level alone. Simply, I don’t want that asshat representing my nation.
But I was wrong.” We built this house. We can tear it down. – Renegade Mothering

Coliving: A Solution for Lonely Millennials? – The Atlantic


“The Danish Girl” Stretches Frilly Forced Femme Fantasy Over Actual Trans History – Medium

“So to the generally well-intentioned men in my life, please consider this:
No matter what I accomplish or how self assured I am feeling, the aforementioned dickhead bouncers of the world will still believe they have a right to demand my time and attention, even when I want to be alone.
They will still insist I be polite and cheerful, even while they make me uncomfortable and afraid. They will still comment about my body and allude to sexual violence, and then berate me for being “stuck up” if I don’t receive it with a sense of humor. They will still choose to reinforce their dominance with a reminder that they could hurt me if they wanted to, and that I should somehow be grateful if they don’t.
This has made me defensive. It has put me more on my guard than I would like to be.” To Men I Love, About Men Who Scare Me – Huffington Post

The Seduction of Safety on Campus and Beyond – The New York Times

“When safety regulations were originally imposed on automakers in the 1960s regulators wanted to require the use of two crash test dummies, a 95 percentile male and a 5 percentile female meaning that only 5% of men were larger than and 5% of women were smaller than the crash test dummies. Automakers pushed back on regulators until the requirement was reduced to a single crash test dummy, a 50 percentile male (the average man).
Female drivers are 47% more likely to be seriously injured in a car crash.” The World is Designed for Men – HH Design

How to Annoy Your Brother During a Sleepover – Raising My Rainbow

Beauty and Body Image

Bra Theory – Let’s Talk Boobs, Bras, and Math

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that hair is sexy. So, naturally, it was seen as sinful by the Medieval Church, and decent women hid theirs with veils, nets, hoods and hats. In warmer European countries, women might get away with braiding since hot weather rendered head-covering a bit of a nightmare. Elsewhere, the only women who left their hair unconcealed were peasants, prostitutes and very young unmarried girls.
Hand in hand with the desire to hide hair was the belief that the higher the hairline the better. Many women resorted to potions of vinegar or quicklime to erode their natural hairline (often taking skin with it), whilst to keep foreheads as unsullied as possible, eyebrows were tweezed within an inch of their lives.” Beauty Tips from the Middle Ages, Including How to Get a Huge, Freckle-Free Forehead – xoVain

Slow Fashion Guide: Basics – Elise Epp Design

“I showed her this post and asked her, When was the last time you ate intuitively? With joy? Without guilt? Without shoulds? Without anxiety? How old were you?
How old were you when you were made wrong for wanting what you wanted?
It feels like you’re going to lose control and not be perfect, because that young girl is probably the one who’s going to show up first.” When Did You Stop  Eating Intuitively – K. Foley Wellness

Personal Style with a Health Condition – Wardrobe Oxygen


#801: Why can’t other people care about school as much as I do? – Captain Awkward

“Life at the moment feels as if is going at a pace, racing ahead and away from me. Smoothing over the up and downs in friendships, keeping up with the demands which school and work bring, wanting to pull everyone just that little bit closer.
It has got me thinking about just stepping back and reflecting on how I can make this parenting journey that I am on a peaceful one. I made a conscious decision many moons ago to parent without confrontation, without argument and without being authoritarian. Sometimes, when life gets fraught and we lose our way with it all, it is good to remind ourselves why we choose to parent peacefully.
Recognising that our role as parents is to hold that place of safety round our children.
Understanding that little things are big things, huge things even, to little people.
Developing positive attachment and affectionate bonds.” Parenting Peacefully In Tough Times – The Mother Magazine

Hacking Sexuality (Part 2) – petra8paleo

Chronic Illness & Pain

5 Tips for Travelling with a Chronic Illness – Conquering Fear Spiritually

“If we aim too high physically we crash – maybe permanently lower.
If we aim too low physically we loose condition, muscles and bone.
So where is the happy medium?” The Exercise Catch 22! – Just ME

5 Survival Tips for When Caregiving is Overwhelming – Adios Barbie


Beyond English Breakfast: An Introduction to the World’s Great Teas – Serious Eats

“As the culture surrounding tea has changed through the centuries, so, too, have the tools we use to drink it. From the first dainty tea bowls to the mugs people use to warm themselves with a cup of tea today, tea sets have changed to meet cultural and utilitarian needs” Tea Tuesdays: The Evolution of Tea Sets From Ancient Legend to Modern Biometrics – The Salt

Help Me, Kenji – How to get roasted potatoes extra crispy – Cooking Light


The Modern’s Long Rum Punch Recipe – Serious Eats

Autumn in a Bowl: Spiced Pumpkin Granola – Against All Grain

Easy Guacamole Recipe – Wellness Mama

Instant Pot Lemon Garlic Chicken – Predominantly Paleo

3-Ingredient Elderberry Soda – Live Simply

Pumpkin Roll with Cinnamon Molasses Spread [AIP/Vegan] – Grazed and Enthused

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