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Baby Doe – A political history of tragedy – The New Yorker

“There are many reasons why growing numbers—primarily farmers and knitters — are fixated on the Icelandic sheep. The breed, with fine-grained meat and a wooly coat that is both light-as-air and rugged, has retained one of the purest bloodlines in the agricultural world and carries a romantic and wild history.
Without sheep milk, meat and hides, life for her Viking ancestors would have been impossible, says Ragnheiður Eiríksdóttir, a Reykjavik-based knitting instructor and former nurse. “They were essential to surviving here,” she says. Three years ago she started Knitting Iceland, a tour company that primarily caters to American and Canadian knitters.
“In my classes I talk a lot about the sheep, our culture, farmers and our heritage,” she says. “If you just present someone with a ball of yarn it doesn’t have the same impact as that story, the fact that the whole heritage of a nation follows that ball of yarn.”” Why Farmers and Knitters Are Fixated on Icelandic Sheep – Modern Farmer

20 Life Rules For a 20-Something – The Twenties Guide


“I agree that there is more partisanship in this country than is good for it and I agree that there are blog posts and news articles that misunderstand what fundamentalists believe or how they practice their beliefs. But those posts and articles are not generally written by ex-fundamentalists. Should we encourage liberals and progressives to get to know fundamentalists and see them as people? Yes, though I want to be clear that that should not get in the way of opposing beliefs that are in fact harmful—and I don’t think Bevere gets that. Should we encourage all people to be aware of the ways ideologically narrow social circles can contribute to dogmatism? Absolutely, though this applies to everyone, not just ex-fundamentalists.
But we don’t need to tell ex-fundamentalists that they have to spend more time with fundamentalists or they’re just “re-formed” fundamentalists and we don’t need to tell them that the pain or anger they may feel is illegitimate, or that if they don’t see fundamentalist positions as as valid or as just as theirs they’re still fundamentalists. And if not being a relativist makes me a fundamentalist, so be it.” A Fundamental Misunderstanding of Ex-Fundamentalists – Love, Joy, Feminism

These Pranksters Read Bible Passages to People, Telling Them It Was the Qur’an; They Were Shocked – Friendly Atheist

“But I want to note something else. Farris says that refugee status should only be given to those who would face “serious harm” if they were to return to their home country. First of all, their home country is in the middle of a civil war. I’m pretty sure that qualifies as “serious harm.” Secondly though, Farris himself fought to have a German homeschool family given asylum in the U.S. based on the fact that if they returned to Germany they would have to send their children to school. I’m pretty sure that if having to send your kids to school when you want to homeschool is harm enough to be granted asylum, your country being engulfed in civil war ought to be enough for you to be granted refugee status.” Michael Farris Calls for Closing Doors to Syrian Refugees – Love, Joy, Feminism

If the Planned Parenthood Shooter Was Not a “Faithful” Christian, the San Bernadino Shooters Were Not “Faithful” Muslims – Love, Joy, Feminism

“It may be true that today you will find people who have essentially left historic Christianity and are reimagining newer, more progressive ways to reframe their understanding of their religion. More power to them. They may very well find more sex-positive ways to embrace the rich diversity of natural, healthy human sexuality we discover when we aren’t so compelled to shoehorn everyone into this preconceived mold. But they will have to do so in spite of the rest of their Christian brothers and sisters, who will cry foul and label them heretics. These folks will probably feel more at home talking about sex with non-believers than they will with “their own kind.”
In the space that remains, I want to enumerate five different ways that a healthy view and experience of human sexuality creates cognitive dissonance within the mind of a devout Christian. I trust that as I work my way through the list you will see that these are the very reasons why an open and honest discussion about sex feels threatening to the defenders of this religion.” Why Sex May Be the Greatest Threat to Christianity – Removing the Fig Leaf


“Supporting choice means more than keeping abortion legal—though it absolutely does mean that. Supporting choice means ensuring that women have unrestricted access to a range of options. After all, having choice but only one viable option is no choice at all. Supporting reproductive freedom, in turn, means promoting women’s ability to choose not only whether they want to stay pregnant once they are but also when they become pregnant.” All-Options PRC: The New Pro-Choice Center on the Block – Love, Joy, Feminism

And I’ll be taking all of Shriver’s books of my to-be-read list. Lionel Shriver’s Address on Cultural Appropriation Roils a Writer’s Festival – The New York Times

“I’m all for the uplifting and supporting of other humans, I am. But I feel like I need to build a straight up army against the kind of dangerous and convenient spirituality of the blindly privileged who seem to think that IF ONLY WE WOULD BE THINKING MORE POSITIVE THOUGHTS OUR LIVES WOULDN’T SUCK SO MUCH.” No One Gets to be a Messiah: On Quiet Acts of Kindness + The Human Reality (Sometimes Life Does Actually Suck) – Meg Worden

“Watch yourself next time you walk down the street. If you are a woman, ask yourself why your route snakes all over the pavement as you duck and weave to avoid the men charging towards you, refusing to give you quarter. If you are a man, think about how straight your path has been. Think about how you never once had to mutter “excuse me” or “sorry” or “sorryexcusemeI’msosorry” as a man stared at you, clearly shocked by your obvious idiocy.
If you are a woman, dare to straighten your path. Dare to walk as you wish. Dare to dare the men walking towards you.” A Year of Living Comfortably – The Lighthouse

On Saturday the world woke up to tragedy. Carnage in Beirut and Paris. In what seems to have been the work of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in both cities, hundreds were killed, hundreds of others wounded, maimed and scarred. The world has condemned the attacks. But in typical fashion – the condemnation and outrage towards the attacks have been asymmetrical, unequal. JOEY AYOUB writes from Beirut on how, like life, some deaths matter more than others. ” My people’s deaths in Beirut do not matter as much as my other people’s deaths in Paris – The Daily Vox

Beauty & Body Image

Reader Request: Reclaiming Your Style – Already Pretty

DH: The idea from the very beginning was to be narrow in our offering. We see our job as the one of an editor. The best editors find you the best. And leave out the rest. So our job is to search for and find great denims from great mills and use them to make jeans of the highest quality. Our job is to make the best jeans we can; not the most jeans that we can.
Right now, we offer two types of raw denim: One, a selvedge from Kuroki Mill in Japan. It uses real indigo and is hand dipped ten times; it is a beautiful, beautiful denim. And two, we use an organic denim from Isko in Turkey. For us, organic isn’t a fashion trend to follow for one season. It is how we always will do business.” David Hieatt, Founder of Hiut Denim – Heddels

How to Stay Stylish When You’re Running On Empty – Styling by Sisters


Ask Dr. NerdLove: When Is It Time to Leave? – Dr NerdLove

Right from the start, so much of how we parent can teach our children about consent.
Are we abrupt with our toddlers when we switch to the next task or do we provide signals that a transition is going to happen? Do you offer choices, or do you just direct your child around? Do you allow your children to talk back or do you insist on uninterrupted compliance?
Do negotiations take place in your home or is it “my way or the highway”? Do your children understand self-agency and power differential, are you teaching them to trust their instincts?
Allowing our children to speak for themselves is the first step in teaching consent. Children need both voice and feel empathy to understand consent, because of course, consent is not a one-way street.
Our children must learn how to give as well as how to receive consent.” 12 Ways to Parents Can Teach Their Children Consent – Everyday Feminism

6 scientifically proven ways to strengthen your marriage – FamilyShare


31 Perfect Things – Zen Habits

It’s easier to obsess over The Perfect Pre-work Morning Routine than acknowledge that we hate our job and we’ve been burnt out for years. It’s easier to rearrange our cupboards and closets than address a shopping issue. It’s easier to fine tune minutia than deal with big, scary, deep-seated issues.
I know you know this, but personal fulfillment won’t come from a listicle. It probably doesn’t come from a perfectly organized schedule, a freezer full of pre-portioned soups, or a capsule wardrobe.Personal fulfillment comes from making peace with who we are, surrounding ourselves with people who lift us up, and doing hard, important things.” Real talk: you can’t ‘lifehack’ your way to happiness – Yes and Yes

6 Ways to Make Your New Habit Stick – Tiny Buddha

Chronic Illness & Pain

A few notes on using a HR monitor for pacing – Just ME

“When you are considering giving health advice to your chronically ill friend, just don’t.  We love you and deep down we know that you you the best intentions at heart. But, really it’s our body and don’t you think we’ve likely tried it all?  If you want to share something you saw, great just shoot us a quick note “hey, saw this and thought of you”. Leave it at that. We’ll likely take a look and we’ll know you were well-intentioned, and if by some chance it’s new information to us, we might dig deeper and thank you later. If you never hear a word from us on it, just take that to mean it was something we were already well aware of. It’s not that we don’t appreciate your desire to help, but sometimes your help just doesn’t feel that way.” Advice Overload Adds Stress to Chronic Illness – Counting My Spoons

Find Your POTS Cause – Stop POTS (and Dysautonomia!)


Fitness Isn’t Just for the Wealthy: How to Stay Healthy on a Budget – LifeHacker

“Why live like this? It started when Katy was a personal trainer in college. “Many of my clients had knee, back, and hip pain, and I wondered why. So when I went to grad school to become a biomechanist, I started researching why people had these problems and how they could be prevented rather than corrected. That’s when I realized that you can’t offset a diet of candy bars with kale salad, and you can’t counter being sedentary all day with exercise.”
Physical alignment is also extremely important to Katy. Case in point: Their foyer floor is covered in river rocks — because, she says, “good alignment starts with your feet, which need texture to move their many joints.” All four family members go barefoot as much as possible, even outdoors, and when they do wear shoes, their footwear is minimal.” This Family Traded Mattresses for Monkey Bars – Katy Bowman – Good Housekeeping

The Myers Way Approach to Preventing the Cold & Flu – Amy Myers MD


The Secrets Behind Making Incredible Matcha – Serious Eats

“Although I’ve learned lots about food and health over the last several years, the tasty part of salt, more than the health part of salt, is what inspired this recipe. On the AIP many of the spices and flavorings we normally rely on to make yummy dishes are eliminated. That’s where a new found love for finishing salts entered my world. Pre-AIP I would have never bothered to discover all ways that infusing a little flavor into a high-quality sea salt could bring a dish to life, but now I’m all about finishing salts. There are endless combinations, but I’ve come to especially like citrus-herb flavorings with my salts. You can enjoy these salts sprinkled on so many dishes. Plus, they make beautiful handmade gifts!” Citrus-Herb Finishing Salts – Autoimmune Paleo

Benefits of Rooibos Tea – Wellness Mama

“Now, in “Mast Brothers: What Lies Beneath the Beards,” a new series of posts on, Scott, the first-name-only blogger who in 2006 presented detailed allegations that the now-defunct Noka Chocolatewas selling another company’s chocolate at significantly higher prices, has targeted the Mast Brothers’ story. He alleges that the company—whose business is staked on its authenticity and commitment to transparency—did not originally make its own chocolate from scratch, as it claims it always has. As artisanal food surges in popularity, whether it’s chocolate, liquor or jam, the Mast Brothers’ story highlights how a company can have great success selling a product of dubious quality as something “artisanal” or “handcrafted” with beautiful packaging and handsome, bearded founders.” How the Mast Brothers fooled the world into paying $10 a bar for crappy hipster chocolate – Quartz

8 Kitchen Hacks Every Primal Cook Should Know – Mark’s Daily Apple


Sunday Brunch: Tea Cured Gravlax Recipe – Serious Eats

Pumpkin Spice Latte – Against All Grain

Pressure Cooker Crispy Potatoes – Nom Nom Paleo

D.I.Y. Candied Lemon Peel – The Kitchn

Pineapple Avocado Plantain Burger (AIP/Paleo) – Sweet Potatoes and Social Change

AIP Pumpkin Mug Cake – A Girl Worth Saving

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