Quick Reviews November 2016

This month I’ve decided to add my star ratings at the end of my reviews – shows more clearly how highly I value a book, and there’s some great ones this month.


psychological-nutritionPsychological Nutrition by Shoba Sreenivasan & Linda Weinberger*: I loved the concept of psychological nutrition, but the execution was rather lacklustre and became more tired as the book went on. In addition the rather literal comparisons are based on out-dated science, which made it hard to take the suggestions seriously. That’s a real shame, because the suggestions and ideas are actually decent. 3 stars

the-allergy-solutionThe Allergy Solution: Unlock the Surprising, Hidden Truth about Why You Are Sick  and How to Get Well by Leo Galland, M.D. & Jonathan Galland, J.D.*: Having struggled with atopic diseases (allergies, asthma, eczema, hay fever) all my life myself, this was an incredibly interesting and thought-provoking book. The book covers why atopic diseases are on the rise, and what we can do about it. Highly recommended. 4 stars

code_name_verity_-_electric_monkey_coverCode Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein: I picked this up in an Audible sale and I am so happy I did. The narration by Morven Christie and Lucy Gaskell is incredibly well done and truly made the story of two young women thrown together during WWII come to life. This might be consider a Young Adult book, but it was incredibly compelling – tears might’ve been shed, and it is probably one of the best books I’ve read (listened to) this year. 5 stars

the-complete-guide-to-spinning-yarnThe Complete Guide to Spinning Yarn: Techniques, Projects, and Recipes by Brenda Gibson:  This is a great introduction to spinning, not only does it cover techniques, it also gives specific recipes for different types of yarn, and how to turn your handspun yarn into knitting or weaving projects. 4 stars

move-your-dnaMove Your DNA: Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement by Katy Bowman: I listened to this on Audible, narrated by the author herself and while walking the dog as suggested/ordered. Bowman as always is funny, thought-provoking and educational. Move Your DNA covers our evolutionary need for natural movement, different types of movement vitamins, corrective exercises, habit modification, and lifestyle changes. Highly recommended. 5 stars

cable-left-cable-rightCable Left, Cable Right: 94 Knitted Cables by Judith Durant*: An excellent introduction to cables, with something for everyone from beginners to advanced knitters. I learnt so much about how the different types of cables are created, and I feel empowered both to take on more difficult cabled patterns as well as design my own. With great photos and clear instructions cover 94 different kinds of knitted cables, a fantastic resource. 5 stars

the-abbess-of-whitbyThe Abbess of Whitby: A novel of Hild of Northumbria by Jill Dalladay*: While it doesn’t have quite the same depth of historic research as Hild by Nicola Griffith, it does have the advantage of covering all of Hild’s absolutely fascinating life. Whether you are interested in history, religion, women’s lives, I highly recommend The Abbess of Whitby. 4 stars

the-100The 100 by Kass Morgan (currently $2.15 on Kindle): I’d been watching the TV show so thought I would read the book behind it. Very different to the TV show, and for once not for the better. Very light YA. 2 stars

chaoes-to-clutter-freeChaos to Clutter-Free: 16 Realistic Steps to an Organized Home by Davonne Parks: A decent introduction to getting rid of clutter, if you haven’t read anything else on the topic. If you have, I would skip this one though. 3 stars

abortion-in-the-early-midle-agesAbortion in the Early Middle Ages, c.500-900 by Zubin Mistry*: A fascinating and very extensive, scholarly look at abortion during the early middle ages as viewed through primary sources from across Europe.


What have you been reading lately? Check out Modern Mrs Darcy for more quick book reviews.
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*Received an advanced reader’s copy through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Oh my gosh, Code Name Verity! Be sure to read Rose Under Fire, too. I read recently that Elizabeth Wein has sold a Verity prequel (if I remember correctly…)


    • Rose Under Fire is on my list! That’s amazing news, really hope that’s true a prequel would be wonderful.


  2. Ooooh I keep hearing about Code Name Verity! I need to read that soon!!

    Here are my October reads: https://elle-alice.blogspot.ca/2016/10/october-book-reviews.html



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