Link Love (2016-11-28)

Election & Fascism

A Time for Refusal – The New York Times

“And part of that status quo is patriarchy: the notion that women will continue to be second-class citizens, subject to men’s understanding of what they should be able to do, touch, and grab when it comes to their bodies — and legislate and punish when it comes to their actions. I’m not suggesting these women have some sort of false consciousness — that they think they’re empowered, and actually aren’t — I’m stating that they fundamentally think disempowerment is okay, so long as they maintain their other (white, straight) sources of privilege. Tavi Gevinson starkly referredto this swath of voters as “white women who hate people of color more than they like having rights to their own bodies.” Many women fail to recognize Trump’s explicit stances and policies towards people of color and Muslims as “hate,” but I know no more appropriate word for what Trump voters have signaled in terms of how non-white, non-Christian, non-straight people should be treated.” This Is How Much America Hates Women – BuzzFeed

Stop Asking Me to Empathize With the White Working Class – Alternet

“More than anything, Trump promises a restoration of white authority. After eight years of a black president—after eight years in which cosmopolitan America asserted its power and its influence, eight years in which women leaned in and blacks declared that their lives mattered—millions of white Americans said enough. They had their fill of this world and wanted the old one back. And although it’s tempting to treat this as a function of some colorblind anti-elitism, that cannot explain the unity of white voters in this election. Trump didn’t just win working-class whites—he won the college-educated and the affluent. He even won young whites. Seventeen months after he announced his candidacy, millions of white Americans flocked to the ballot box to put Trump into the White House. And they did so as a white herrenvolk, racialized and radicalized by Trump.” White Won – Slate

Facebook, I’m Begging You, Please Make Yourself Better – The Intercept


The Future of Work, Community and Social Housing- Basic Income – Medium

“DDT was sprayed throughout neighborhoods and over pools and beaches. Children sometimes ran behind the trucks, frolicking in the clouds of spray. But soon, the problems became evident, as DDT took its toll on the natural wildlife and the birds began to die. Every time I hear a songbird near my home, I am grateful that our government took notice and acted to protect these populations.” Why We Need the EPA – Love, Joy, Feminism

Why Time Feels Like It’s Flying By (and How to Slow It Down) – LifeHacker

The other day, after resetting my online banking password, I received a message in all caps: “CONGRATULATIONS!” I like to imagine the ripple of applause spreading from desk to desk as news of my triumph arrived at the bank’s headquarters. Meanwhile, Facebook has started sporadically thanking me “for being here”, as if I were Mark Zuckerberg’s most dependable friend. This is the “new intimacy economy”, according to tech journalist Leigh Alexander, who wrote about it recently at Medium. Despite Facebook’s many annoyances, she said, “All this time it never occurred to me to delete my account, until it began doing this: trying to act like a person.” In Britain, we’re already familiar with “wackaging”, that infuriatingly chummy tone adopted on product labels. But the New Intimacy, Alexander predicts, is going to intensify. As other tricks for grabbing people’s attention on the internet falter, these pseudo-human appeals to our emotions may prove Silicon Valley’s last hope.” The truth about corporate lies – The Guardian

Our New Sid Meier’s Civilization Inspired Budget – Alex Recker


Meet the Inspiring New Women in Congress – Love, Joy, Feminism

“While racism disproportionately affects people of color, the disease rampantly impacts the affective psychological health of White people. Lack of empathy for the experiences of others, and feelings of guilt and fear, plague White people when considering racism. Dissonant feelings about the “unjust, hierarchical system of societal racism” can produce a wide range of defensive reactions. These reactions interrupt productive dialogue that could lead to change because those with privileged identities and in powerful positions respond defensively as they explore the realities of racism. The fear and the entitlement disrupt their ability to listen responsively and interfere with their willingness to share power.” Treating Racism Like We Treat Cancer – On Being

Men Explain Lolita to Me – Literary Hub

Everything is problematic, including this post. As a white, straight, able-bodied, cisgender woman, I have huge blind spots, and I am privileged. And I am part of the problem.
Privilege can mean a lot of things, among them that you see people like you represented in media of all sorts – and that you’re given more opportunities than others, based not on merit but on your identity. It’s part of my privilege that I’m even writing this article. Every day, as a child and now, I have been able to see myself reflected on TV and in movies and books. Even when I’ve seen white women portrayed as lesser than men, I’ve still seen them. I don’t know what it’s like to look at Star Wars or Harry Potter and not see a single person who reflects my life. Even though I often worry that no matter what I’m doing, I’ll fail, I want to be part of the solution. So what I’m doing is this: I’m trying to be aware of my privilege, I’m trying to be a better ally, and I’m trying to raise my kids to be better people. And a lot of that starts with how I appreciate, discuss, curate, and learn from my fandoms.” Everything I Love Is Problematic – The Mary Sue

The Anti-Abortion Movement’s Continued Complicity in the Planned Parenthood Shootings – Love, Joy, Feminism

Chronic Illness & Pain

The Common Symptoms and Misconceptions of Invisible Illnesses – Aroga Yoga

“For instance, even though women are more likely to suffer from chronic pain disorders, women are less likely to be prescribed pain medication for their ailments. In fact, studies have found that doctors in a pain clinic were more inclined to prescribe men opioid pain medications while giving women tranquilizers. That is, doctors give men medication to relieve their pain whereas they give women medication to shut them up. Even when an organic cause for a woman’s pain has been identified, doctors are still apt to attribute women’s pain to psychological problems and prescribe her antidepressants instead of pain relievers. Even in children who’ve had surgery, doctors will give boys strong pain relief while giving girls Tylenol.
Medical sexism extends to essentially every area of medical practice. Women are less likely to be diagnosed as having a heart attack, even when presenting with identical symptoms as men. Doctors are twice as likely to attribute a woman’s “textbook” symptoms of heart attack to anxiety and are seven times more likely to send a woman home from the ER during a cardiac event. Women are 22 times less likely to be referred for a knee replacement, with identical moderate symptoms. Women are less likely to be put on a kidney transplant list. Even young girls are less likely to be put on transplant lists, so the disparate treatment starts essentially at birth.” Women: Often “Miss Treated” by Doctors – Counting My Spoons

Moderator vs. Abstainer: Using Your Tendency to Reach Your Goals – Autoimmune Paleo


Paleo Crepes with Nutella – The Paleo Mom

Garlic Honey Salmon (AIP, Paleo, Whole30) – Adventures in Partaking

Radicata (blue) Fat Bombs -Radicata Nutrition

Stuffed Sweet Potato Skins (AIP, Paleo) – A Squirrel in the Kitchen

Homemade Paleo Almond Joys – Fed & Fit

Tzatziki (AIP, Paleo, SCD) – Eat Heal Thrive


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