Link Love (2017-01-02)

Fascism & Authoritarianism

12 Ways to Be a White Ally to Black People – The Root

“What it does mean is something both subtler and more disturbing. It means that our society only values women under certain narrow conditions. It means that for many voters, Trump’s toxic masculinity was a deep part of his appeal.
It means that misogyny is alive and well in the United States, and that it probably helped Trump win.” Why misogyny won – Vox

11 Things White People Can Do to Be Real Anti-Racist Allies – Alternet

“Many of us are grappling with how to use our skills and influence to resist the upcoming Trump administration and the hatred and violence that it inspires. As Captain Awkward readers, we’ve been practicing setting boundaries, standing up for our values, and making it awkward for the right person. We are uniquely prepared for a crucial part of the next few months or years: changing the minds of people who support the Trump administration, and standing up to the abusers they are empowering. This post teaches scripts and techniques to do these two tasks, along with the theory behind them. It’s for people living in the U.S., but it may be useful to people living elsewhere as well.” Guest Post: A post-election guide to changing hearts and minds – Captain Awkward

No, I’m Not Scaring My Kids By Discussing President Trump – Grounded Parents

“After learning the brutal reality of racism and privilege, white folk (myself included) often lament, “what can I do? I can’t accept these injustices…what can I do about them?”
This is literally it: Talking to other white folks about race, and, more specifically about whiteness, is one concrete way to undo racism as a white person. Unlike at a black-led march — this is where our white voices are needed.
Conversations with loved ones are tough. It is something I continue to struggle with in my own family and friends.
But we must push through discomfort to talk about race, even with great-aunt Sally, even when it feels completely unproductive and frustrating.” How to talk to other white people about race – The Seattle Globalist

Alt-Right Gathering Exults in Trump Election With Nazi-Era Salute – The New York Times


11 Smells That Are Slowly Disappearing – Mental Floss

“Finding solace in quotes from Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings does not mean we think stories are always neat and tidy, or that we fancy ourselves in equivalent situations. It means that stories have still meaning. It means that stories still comfort us, inspire us, sustain us, and empower us. Even stories that aren’t “true” stories draw on a deep well of human emotion and human experience. Stories have power.” Heroes – Love, Joy, Feminism

No Wool, No Vikings – Hakai Magazine

“For example, there is a difference between basic science and applied science. Lisa wants people to value basic science more than they do, and Tim even points out that applied science is sexier. What’s the difference?
Basic science is trying to understand something without trying to understand why it’s useful.
Applied science tries to answer the question: Can I use this to make my life better tomorrow?
Lisa points out that people who worked on quantum physics were trying to make sense of the atom at its most basic level. They weren’t thinking of iPads, even though iPads use some of the same principles. Watson and Crick weren’t trying to cure cancer when they were trying to figure out the structure of DNA, even though that’s some of what we use their work for.
Basic science is about trying to understand the world we live in. It’s learning for the sake of understanding.
Applied science wants to build computers or cure cancer. It has a specific goal to solve a problem.” You Need More Science in Your Life – K. Foley Wellness

You Really Don’t Need to Work So Much – The New Yorker


How these 5 sugar substitutes stack up against the real thing – New York Post

I did this challenge last year and it really helped me get my sleep back on track – I could probably do with a refresher again. Do the Go to Bed 14-Day Challenge for FREE in January! – The Paleo Mom

How to Get a Natural Mattress – Wellness Mama

“But what if you chose something really healthy – like green smoothies – and only ate them? Wouldn’t work, right? Because no matter how healthy a single food, type of food, or food group, your body needs a full spectrum of key nutrients in order to thrive. Your cells require chemical inputs – nutrients – to carry out all their functions. To live a healthy life, you need to eat a wide range of foods. That’s what you, as a human animal, are adapted to require and it’s not optional.
What’s not generally considered is that exactly the same principle applies movement. Your cells need mechanical nutrients, too, and they don’t work right when you don’t provide them.” How’s Your Diet These Days? – Petra Fisher Movement

Essential Oils That Calm – annmarie gianni


Sweet Potatoes Au Gratin – Paleo Hacks

Cassava Brownies (Paleo with AIP Modifications) – Eat Heal Thrive

Honey Chicken Dippers (Paleo/AIP) – Grazed and Enthused

Sweet Potato Raisin AIP Scones – Cook It Up Paleo

Cinnamon Pork Sausages – Enjoying this Journey

Ginger Pear Cranberry Sauce – Enjoying this Journey

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