Link Love (2017-01-16)


WHAT TO DO – Medium

“Just to be crystal clear, we’re talking about a woman who voted for the candidate who promised to cut off the only thing that is keeping her husband alive because she’s just that pissed at some poor elementary-school kid who got an Xmas gift. (Be sure to tell her “Merry Christmas” and not “Happy Holidays.” She’s sent off more money than she can afford to some Elmer Gantry who got her all hepped up on the War on Xmas. Jebuz is the reason for the season. She’s a devout Xian but some poor kid getting an Xmas present is JUST TOO GODDAMN MUCH FOR HER.) That damn kid got an Xmas gift even though his parents received a few dollars of welfare and food stamps and she’s just NOT HAVING IT anymore.
Here’s a six-year old who got a Tonka truck and a stocking cap at Xmas and here’s her husband getting the health care that keeps him alive. And she’s so damn mad at that six-year old that she’s willing to risk her husband. Fuck the love of her life. If he dies, so be it, but at least Trump won’t be handing out hand-knit scarves and tea sets to those undeserving brats. *” Red State Stupid; Red State Mean – hecatedemeter

What you – yes you – can do to save America from tyranny – Dallas News

“I am sick of being told, as I have my whole life, that middle America is the “real” America, and we “urban” elites just don’t get it because we don’t live there. As if that were our choice. As if we could just live our brown lives, our black lives, our queer lives, in the middle of Trump country. As if that were a safe thing to do.
As if they would welcome us.
I am done being told that I can’t make the occasional snide comment about rednecks but that every time I travel to a red state I have to politely endure being degraded as a woman and as a child of immigrants, listen to jokes about mincing gays and ching-chong Chinamen — and if I complain about this, if I say, you’re being fucking offensive, I am told that I’m too PC and am forcing my libertard vagenda on salt-of-the-earth red-blooded Muricans and in this way Trump is once again my fault, a monster I brought on myself.” The “White Working Class” Can Kiss My Brown Ass – Bust

Trump’s Breezy Calls to World Leaders Leave Diplomats Aghast – The New York Times

“There’s been a lot of talk about an uptick in white supremacist graffiti, vandalism, and attacks in the days and weeks since Donald Trump’s election. I’ve read about incidents that occurred in areas I’ve lived, and I’ve heard from friends who have experienced them first-hand. The stories about Hispanic children targeted and bullied in schools are some of the worst—and the Nazi graffiti is chilling. But I want to make sure something isn’t lost in the shuffle—this isn’t new. Oh, certainly, there may be an increase in attacks, and the current outpouring of racism and xenophobia is perhaps more directed at immigrants and Hispanics than in the past. But this isn’t new.” This Isn’t New – Love, Joy, Feminism

How Republicans Justify Unlimited Trump Corruption – New York Magazine


3 Ways to Stand up for your Muslim Neighbors – Preemptive Love Coalition

“However, the pregnancy based on the information in the court documents didn’t look like this as it appeared very abnormal.
A reasonable OB/GYN would conclude given this scenario that there could not be a viable intrauterine pregnancy. The issue Dr. Kennedy had to figure out was if there was also an ectopic pregnancy. She erred on the side of caution and treated. She did the best with the information that she had.” An OB/GYN in Alabama treated a miscarriage. She’s getting sued for wrongful death. – Dr. Jen Gunter

A Fundamentally American Idea – Basic Income – Medium

“Don’t talk to me about the people gaming the system. Don’t talk to me about how we should be drug-testing everyone on food stamps. Don’t talk to me about how the economy would collapse if we raised the minimum wage.
I’m tired of listening to my right-wing conservative friends complain about people in poverty while drinking their boutique beer and Instagramming their latest vacations. We live in a dream world, my friends. Of the billions of families on this planet, we were born into a place of extreme wealth. We’ve been given opportunities beyond most people’s wildest dreams.
If we choose to squander those blessings by sitting in cafes and restaurants with our buddies and arguing over theory, arguing about the latest political situation, arguing over why “those people” are taking taking taking too much, well, I’m afraid we will have hell to pay. If not today, someday.
If you have a problem with people in poverty, stop complaining about them. Partner up with them. Make yourself useful.” Stop Complaining About People in Poverty (At Least Around Me) – Shawn Smucker

The Toll of Violent Anti-Abortion Speech – The New York Times

“I want to be clear upfront that I don’t have a problem with Sarah or Gabriel buying antiques or dressing in clothes from a century ago. I like cosplay just as much as anyone else! What bothers me is both that they portray themselves as historical experts while getting things very wrong and that they lionize the Victorian era without fully grasping the breadth of that era’s fault. I’ve seen the word “privilege” used in discussions of the couple, and it’s very apt—they appear unaware both that they are recreating a very privileged version of the Victorian era and that the fact that they have recourse to modern convinces (and things like medicine) should they decide they need them sets them apart from what it was actually like to live in the Victorian era.
I’m reminded of women who claim they experienced what it was like to be a Muslim woman who wears the hijab by donning a headscarf for a specific period of time. What these women miss is that they can take the hijab off any time, no harm no foul, while hijabis can’t. And actually, Sarah and Gabriel are an even more extreme example of this, because a hijabi technically could remove their hijab but a person living in the Victorian era couldn’t cease to live in the Victorian era.” Can We Talk About Those Faux Victorians? – Love, Joy, Feminism

Prestigious British think tank endorses basic income – Basic Income Earth Network


People who do these things are the WORST: Small behaviors to leave in 2016: The Content-Free Interruption – Captain Awkward

“I can’t express to you enough how many women have told me that the “coming out” conversation about her lying is such a turning point in her relationship and in her sexual development. And if her partner is chronically defensive and responds with counter attack, i.e. what’s wrong with you, then perhaps a therapist may be helpful, or if not, it is a sign that her partner is not ready for a mature sexual intimacy. Sarah may need to seek new arms.” Sexual Honesty: You Don’t Have to Fake It – Esther Perel

9 Primal Ways to Become a Better Communicator – Mark’s Daily Apple


Why Resolutions Don’t Work & How to Create Lasting Change – Tiny Buddha

I minimized my computer screen and rolled back from my desk. And I thought, “I don’t care what they think of me. Fuck it.” But I knew that wasn’t true. Because I’m a love nugget, really, and I care a lot about other people’s feelings. Because I have a healthy ego. Because I’m a serious boss lady and kindness is always good business.
I closed my eyes and brought the person to mind. And I said, “Look, it’s not that I don’t care about you. It’s that I already expressed my reasoning — very lovingly. I showed I cared. And now, I have to care more about my own freedom and future than what you think of me.” How to not give a shit (even though you really do) and be kind about it all. – Danielle LaPorte

Craft as Solace – The Craft Sessions

“Turns out, a life where I feel energetic, loving, engaged, flexible, and full of good ideas has to include sobriety, clarity, fresh air, and circulation. And I’m going to have to like it.
The short answer is “yep”.
The shorter answer is “ye”.
But they both mean the same thing. It’s possible.” Liking Exercise When You Don’t Really. – Meg Worden

Permission to be Introverted, Sensitive and Different: Thanks to Adele, Jason Mraz and a Non-Mainstream Upbringing – Brenda Knowles

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